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Formulated with over 8+ super oils, our natural hair growth formula is a powerhouse of nourishment. Each carefully selected ingredient plays a vital role in revitalizing your hair, ensuring it reaches its fullest potential.

Indulge your tresses in the goodness of Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil, Mustard Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Jasmine Oil, Lavender Oil, Black Seed Oil, Neem Oil, Jojoba Oil, and a touch of Natural Fragrance. Combined, these oils work in harmony to provide deep hydration, strengthen your strands, and promote healthy hair growth.

Let the invigorating scents of Clove and Rosemary transport you to a world of luxury as you experience the power of Ayurvedic Herbs and Fenugreek. These natural wonders deeply nourish your scalp, addressing dryness, itchiness, and promoting a healthy environment for hair growth.

To achieve the best results, mist your hair with water or our IBL Aloe & Rose Water Mist or our Clove and Rosemary mist, then apply the Hair Growth Oil Elixir 1-3 times a week. By moisturizing your scalp with water, you create the perfect foundation for our elixir to work its magic, delivering the nutrients your hair craves.

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